May 13, 2009

Some enchanted evening....

Sarah and Corey's wedding  is on Sunday

but first a review of photos from the Bridal Shower

Above photos of Sarah & Corey, who in their own little worlds, were dressed by their mothers who took the above photos.  Can you believe she had a sailor dress and he a sailor suit?  Was this an omen of what was to be? (smile) They even had the same haircut!

Sarah & Corey at the bridal shower

We have been talking about it for more than a year now and we are in the home stretch as the wedding will take place this Sunday, May 17th.  Today I thought I would share some photos from the bridal shower.

Above:  opening gifts

Some of the guests

More guests

There was one "gift" or surprise left for Sarah toward the end of the shower - Corey sang "Some Enchanted Evening" from South Pacific. Before singing, in the photo above, Corey is telling everyone present  that the night he met Sarah he knew someday they would marry.  He did not know how or when but he knew.  You must know that there was not a dry eye once he said that and sang to Sarah with his beautiful voice.

Corey singing...                                                              Sarah crying as Corey sings to her... happy tears!

Rebecca - Sarah's sister and Matron of Honor
and the beautiful Bridesmaids

The bridal party prepared
a great brunch!

Yes, Sarah was surprised by it all.

Corey and Sarah are like two peas in a pod.  I always say that if these two are not meant to be together, I don't know who is.   So on to the wedding...  We are proud, happy and honored that Corey will be part of our family!

I end today's blog with the lyrics to...

Some Enchanted Evening
by Rogers and Hammerstein

Some enchanted evening
You may see a stranger,
you may see a  stranger
Across a crowded room
And somehow you know,
You know even  then
That somewhere you'll see her
Again and again.

Some enchanted  evening
Someone may be laughing,
You may hear her laughing
Across a  crowded room
And night after night,
As strange as it seems
The sound of  her laughter
Will sing in your dreams.

Who can explain it?
Who can  tell you why?
Fools give you reasons,
Wise men never try.

Some  enchanted evening
When you find your true love,
When you feel her call  you
Across a crowded room,
Then fly to her side,
And make her your  own
Or all through your life you
May dream all alone.

Once you have  found her,
Never let her go.
Once you have found her,
Never let her go!

All rights reserved!!!

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