October 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary Rebecca and Tyler

Rebecca & Tyler's wedding photo from September 2000

Rebecca and Tyler celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary this week. It doesn't seem possible that nine years have passed since that wonderful day. This evening I will sit Theo so they can go out to dinner and spend some time together. They don't have an opportunity to do that too often as all parents know once a baby comes along.

We are very happy for them and we wish them many more years of married bliss as they are such a great couple together.

So Theo and Mémère will have some special time together while his Mom & Dad are out. What a gift grandchildren are - and I can attest to the oft spoken comment that a grandchild changes your life, just as having your own children born to you does, just in a different way.

Theo's parents spend a great deal of quality time with him. He is inquisitive, doesn't miss a thing and dares to try something even at his age of one (as of September 20th). The pediatrician says he is advanced in his vocalizations and he is now walking too. What a boy! Even at his age he plays little games. The other day he wanted to touch my earrings.. "no Theo" said I - so Theo shakes his head "no" but proceeds to want to touch. lol He knows it is a no-no but he will still test me. It is amazing to watch a child grow. As parents we are often too busy to see some of the smaller details but as grandparents our whole focus is the grandchild when we are together.

I've been singing a particular song in French to him since he was born - when I start humming that tune, he knows it is nap time - of course he doesn't necessarily agree but who do you think wins? ;o)

For now his favorite words are Mama, Daddy and quack quack - the other day he said "hi there" to the bird and waves to the squirrels. I "think" he is trying to say Mémère but the jury is out that thus far.

So you can be sure that Rebecca and Tyler are very proud of their first vorn. He's a keeper lol.

Rebecca and Tyler, happy anniversary! Thank you for a wonderful grandson that we treasure with all our hearts.


Mom & Dad

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