November 17, 2009

History of the Consentino Family Musicians

Part III
Lucius Consentino 1893-1919
Son of Francesco Consentino and Liboria Virgilio

Lucius Consentino was the second son and fourth child of Francesco Consentino and Liboria Virgilio.  He was born in Mistretta, Italy on 1 March 1893 and passed away on 3 March 1919 in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  He had just celebrated his 26th birthday.  On January 8,  1911 he married Maria  Scandura.

On June 5th, 1917 Lucius registered for  the World War I draft in Lawrence.  The information he provided included his birth date and stated that he was a  musician  and employed by the Orpheum Theater in Haverhill,  Ma.  Lucius and his brother Joseph Consentino provided music for the silent movies before the "talkies" came to be.

Lucius Consentino was an excellent drummer.  He also played other instruments but drums were his main instrument.

When Lucius passed away, in addition to his widow,  he left three children:  Frank, Liboria/Lea and Salvio/Sam Consentino.

Frank Consentino 1913-2009
in  his St. Alfio Band uniform
Son of Lucius Consentino and Maria Scandura

Frank was born 21 November 1912 in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  The eldest of the family and only seven when he lost his father.  His mother Maria Scandura Consentino then married Vincenzo Lacolla.  It seems that Vincenzo Lacolla was very good to the children Lucius left behind.  Nonetheless, Frank's uncle Phil would be like a second father to him and would in fact be his mentor.  Fillipo or Phil who had learned to design and handcraft custom made shoes from his father Francesco taught Frank the same trade his father Francesco had taught him and his brother Felix.  However, grandpa Francesco had passed on more than the trade of cobbler and shoemaker to his grandson - he had passed on his love of music.

Yes, Frank became a musician as so many were in the Consentino family.  His main instruments were the saxophone, clarinet and flute.  On his own he also learned to repair musical instruments.

At age 17, Frank's first band was the Villa Vista Virginians.  He later played with the St. Alfio Band of Lawrence.  His son Frank Jr. says "Dad played in so many bands and orchestras from Lawrence to Florida that I have lost count."

In 1933,  Frank married Concetta/Connie  Misserville who passed away 1 November 1942.  Issue from their marriage:  two sons named Frank, Jr. and Richard.

Frank held membership in American Federation of Musicians for 78 years.  He studied music with Joe Viola of the Boston School of Music; attended Jazz School with Stan Kenton; and studied with his cousins at the Consentino Music Studios in Lawrence where it all began.

After a lifetime of providing music to perhaps thousands of people, Frank passed away 31 March 2009 at the age of 97.  His son Frank says "he played his horns until six  months before his death.  Dementia caused him to lose his coordination but about a month before he died I heard him playing a few notes on his flute.  He would never give up."

Certainly Frank's passion for music and for that of musician remained with him to the end of his life.

Tomorrow:  Part IV - Felix Consentino fourth  son and seventh child of Francesco Consentino and Liboria Virgilio

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