February 16, 2010

Some Kamouraska, Quebec Ancestors

    Pierre Dumais dit Rossignol was the son of Jean and Marguerite Richard, from Auvergne. Pierre came to the Kamouraska region to marry Anne Chamberland in the Saint-Louis church, on April 26th 1745. Anne was the daughter of Simon and Thérèse Ouimet. Three children were born in this marriage, but Anne died and was buried in the parish cemetery on April 14th 1755. On August 25th of the same year, Pierre married again to Catherine Michaud, daughter of Jean and Cécile Ouellet. Five other children were born in this second marriage.
    Three sons of the ancestor Pierre, named Vincent, Louis and Pierre, ensured the following of seven generations in the Saint-Louis parish.

    This family set up in Kamouraska for six generations and they descend from Jacques Guérêt dit Dumont, born on March 8th 1665, in Normandy. Jacques was the son of René Guerey and Françoise Montmirel, daughter of the lord Jean de Méhérenc du Montmirel. Arrived in New France in 1690, he married with Jacques Tardif's daughter, Anne, on April 18th 1674. Triplets were born on October 6th 1708 : Catherine, Michel and Joseph-Simon.
    In 1711, the Dumont family moved in Gaspésie but they returned to Beauport in 1713. They also lived in Rivière-du-Loup, L'Isle-Verte and, finally, in Kamouraska, where Jacques was buried on April 15th 1739. Anne Tardif was buried on February 18th 1752.
    Between Jean's children who lived in Kamouraska, there are his seven sons : Jean, Simon, Jacques, Jean-Baptiste, Michel, Pierre and Prisque, who all got married in Saint-Louis of Kamouraska.

    Augustin Lavoie, son of Joseph, son of René got married on January 28th 1729, with Marguerite Michaud, daughter of Jean Michaud and Françoise Dupille. Later, he set up in Kamouraska, and after, in the Bras-Saint-Nicolas. His children were christened in Rivière-Ouelle and in La Pocatière, and five of his sons got married in the Saint-Louis of Kamouraska church, where Augustin was buried on October 16th 1770.
    Between the eight generations of Lavoie who lived in Kamouraska, Madeleine Lavoie, wife of François Thibault, was buried under the church floor on March 15th 1839.
    The ancestor René de Lavoye, son of René de Lavoye and Isabeau Bellenger, from Normandy, was married on April 14th 1656, in the Sainte-Anne chapel on the Beaupré Coast, with Anne Godin, daughter of Elie Godin and Esther Ramage. He lived in Sainte-Anne, where he was buried about 1699. His son Jean lived in Rivière-Ouelle, but Joseph, the father of Augustin, stayed on the Beaupré Coast.

    Louis-Joseph Le Blanc, son of Désiré Le Blanc and Victoire Comeau, was the first member of this family in Saint-Louis of Kamouraska. On July 22nd 1835, Joseph was married with Edith-Estelle Raymond, daughter of Régis Raymond and Rose Miville-Deschènes. His daughter, Aglaé, and his two sons, Narcisse and Régis, were married in Kamouraska. Five generations of Le Blanc lived in Kamouraska.
    Régis Le Blanc married Clara Chouinard, in the Saint-Louis church, on November 27th 1860. They had eleven children. Clara was buried in the parish cemetery on April 20th 1917, and Régis was buried on April 26th 1929.
    (My family descends from Daniel LeBlanc) - The ancestor Daniel Le Blanc, born in 1626 his origins are unknown. Married in France with Françoise Gaudet. She was the widow of an Unknown Mercier she had married in France. Daniel set up on the North Coast of the Port-Royal River, and died between 1693 and 1698. Françoise Gaudet, born in 1623, died in her son Pierre's house, between 1698 and 1700.

    Jean Lévesque was the first of his family to set up in Kamouraska. Married with Angélique Pelletier, daughter of Jean-François Pelletier and Madeleine DeLavoye, on April 27th 1739, he left Rivière-Ouelle on this date. All his children were christened in Saint-Louis. Later, at the beginning of the 19th century, Athanase and Prosper set up in Kamouraska. Eight generations followed one another in Kamouraska, where this family still lives.
    (My ancestor) The ancestor Robert Lévesque, christened in 1641, was the son of Pierre Lévesque and Marie Caumont from Normandy. Since his marriage, in the L'Ange-Gardien Church, on April 22nd 1679, with Jeanne Chevalier who was a King's Daughter. She was the daughter of Jacques Chevalier and Marguerite Scorban or Scorinan, from Normandy. In 1785 Robert settled in l'Islet, and then in Rivière-Ouelle.
    Jean Narcisse still has descendants today. He is the only one who had descendants in Saint-Louis after his marriage with Thècle Lavoie, on November 20th 1826.

    Charles-François Marquis set up in the Portage. Married with Anne Boucher, daughter of Pierre Galeran and Anne Michaud, Charles-François had nine children. His sons Joseph and François always lived in the Portage. Married with the two sisters, Françoise and Agnès Côté, daughters of Prisque Côté and Ursule Bernier, Joseph and François christened, married and buried their children in Saint-Louis parish, Kamouraska.
    The ancestor Charles Le Marquis, from Quebec, was the son of Charles Le Marquis and Jeanne Bignon, from Mortagne-Poitou.

    (My ancestor) Romain Phocas, son of Renaud Phocas and Catherine Daguspart, from Gascogne, was the ancestor of the Raymond families of the Kamouraska region. Romain got married on January 21st 1709 with Angélique Ouellet, daughter of Mathurin-René Ouellet and Angélique Lebel from Saint-Louis. They were married in the church of Notre-Dame-de-Liesse in Rivière-Ouelle and they settled in Cap-au-Diable in 1709. Romain was married for the second time with Thérèse Saint-Pierre, daughter of Pierre Saint-Pierre and Marie Gerbert, about 1725. Romain was buried in the Berceau cemetery on January 9th 1762. Eight generations of this family lived in Kamouraska and still live there.

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    Lianne Lavoie said...

    Hi Lucie! I know this post is years old, but I'm hoping you can help me out with a source. I'm a descendant of Augustin Lavoie and Marguerite Michaud, and I'm trying to find a source for their marriage. All over the web I'm seeing that they were married on January 28, 1729, in Kamouraska, but I looked at the Drouin Collection images for Kamouraska for 1729 and they aren't in there.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide on this!

    ~Lianne Lavoie

    Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

    Hi Lianne,

    Their marriage is found in the Tanguay and is found under DeLavoye as follows:

    Dictionnaire généalogique des familles canadiennes (Collection Tanguay), 1608 à 1890 Quebec, Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families (Tanguay Collection), 1608-1890 about Marguerite Michaud
    Name: Marguerite Michaud
    Relationship to Head: Conjoint(e) (Spouse)
    Baptism Date: 1707
    Spouse's Name: Augustin Delavoye
    Burial Date: 5 mai 1784 (5 May 1784)
    Burial Place: Rivière-Ouelle
    Family Members:
    Name Relationship to Head
    Augustin Delavoye Chef de famille (Head)
    Marguerite Michaud Conjoint(e) (Spouse)
    Joseph-Marie Delavoye Enfant (Child)
    Thérèse Béchard Conjoint(e) de l'enfant (Child's Spouse)
    Marie-Anne Gagnon Conjoint(e) de l'enfant (Child's Spouse)
    Pierre Delavoye Enfant (Child)
    Basile Delavoye Enfant (Child)
    Marie-Elisabeth Béchard Conjoint(e) de l'enfant (Child's Spouse)
    Monique Paradis Conjoint(e) de l'enfant (Child's Spouse)
    Augustin Delavoye Enfant (Child)
    Jean-Baptiste Delavoye Enfant (Child)
    Marie-Julienne Deneau Conjoint(e) de l'enfant (Child's Spouse)
    Marguerite Delavoye Enfant (Child)
    Anonyme Delavoye Enfant (Child)
    Marie-Judith Delavoye Enfant (Child)
    Marie-Catherine Delavoye Enfant (Child)
    Louis-Charles Delavoye Enfant (Child)
    Geneviève de la Bourlière Conjoint(e) de l'enfant (Child's Spouse)
    Marie-Louise Delavoye Enfant (Child)
    Louis Delavoye Enfant (Child)

    Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

    Let me know if you have other questions.

    Happy hunting! ;)


    Lianne Lavoie said...

    Thanks for pointing me to that entry in Tanguay.

    Their marriage date and place aren't given in Tanguay, though. Just the fact that they were married. It really makes me wonder where everyone got that date and place from! I'm hoping to find the marriage record itself, which should confirm their parents' names.

    Thanks again for your help!