March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah

This week two very important events took place in the United States of America.  The first closest to me and my husband was the birthday of our daughter,  Sarah Marie Consentino Jackson, who was born on March 22nd.  We will be gathering to celebrate her birthday this Friday evening but she and her husband Corey celebrated with friends on Friday evening of last week.  

It is difficult to believe how quickly time passes!  Thirty-one years ago at 8a.m. on a Thursday morning March 22nd, I was waiting to go into the operating room to deliver our beautiful Sarah by C-section.  It was wonderful to see her as soon as she was born with her blond hair and beautiful blue eyes that have since turned light brown and hazel, respectively.  Having great concern in the last trimester of my pregnancy because she had breached, it was a relief to see this beautiful little girl that the O.R. nurse quickly brought  me as soon as she was born.

Since her birth, Sarah was brought us nothing but joy and happiness.  We have been very proud of all her accomplishments but especially proud of who she is as a person!  Couple that with her wonderful husband of ten months, Corey Jackson, what more could parents hope for?

So yes, we are very blessed.  We have two wonderful daughters to be proud of and two great sons-in-laws who are like sons to us forget the in-law business ;o)

We love you Sarah and we are looking forward to celebrating with you on Friday evening!  

Mom & Dad xoxoxoxo


Congratulations to all Americans!

I did begin by saying two very important events took place in this country this week.   The other event, monumental as far as I am concerned, was the signing into law the Health Care Insurance Reform Bill long denied citizens of this country.  Having such a health care program for Americans is truly a right and not a privilege.  It is time for the negative rhetoric to die out like ashes of a burning log.  It has gone on too long and has been more hurtful to who we are as Americans than I can recall in my lifetime.  Might the problem be ethnic rather that substantive issues?  I believe that it is.

More to come on this!
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Darlene Muise said...

Happy birthday to Sarah from all of us here in Nova Scotia, Canada. Don't forget, Sarah to has special parents who care and support her.

As for the the second event, yes indeed, myself being Canadian, yesterday was moving for me, watching your wonderful President sign those papers for the Health Care Insurance Reform Bill. Your last comment Lucie, is truely true and I to believe it still exists today. When are our own human kind going to learn to be in harmony with one another, not against one another. God bless you and your family and enjoy Friday night. xox

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Darlene thank you so much for you post!

Family is everything as you know and who we are as a people is equally important.

God bless us all!


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I was so excited too when I saw that it had been passed, and there was also extensive coverage on Italian and French television.
I have always felt that there is room for difference of opinion on this issue, but that at the very least there should be universal health care for everyone up to the age of 18.
Evelyn in Montreal

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Hi Evelyn,

I am very proud that the Democrats finally were able to pass this but not without the heavy-handed obstructionist attempts of the other party. I've never seen things this bad and they were inciting the crowd on Saturday. They may well be quite surprised that now it is law and the people are finding gong to know the whole truth.

President Obama's ratings as well as the Democratic party are rapidly rising into very positive areas.

As far as I'm concerned there are many dangerous fringe people out there. i will be blogging about this. I was staying out of the frey but I've decided that I need to speak up and support the truth.