December 5, 2011

Lucie's BOOK SALE ~ December 5, 2011

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Books for sale!  (Want to buy a book?  See instructions for buyers at the bottom of this post.)
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1.  Acadian Odyssey, Oscar William Winzerling, Louisiana State University Press; First Edition (1955). Price: $100 REDUCED!  PRICED TO SELL AT $50

  • This hard cover book is in really good condition.  The previous owner used a red pencil for check marks in a margin here and there,  "Maryland" with underscores of names in the index. No dust jacket.

  •  Content:  Exile without end; The Acadian Exiles in England; Nivernois Rescues the Acadians in England; Nivernois Rallies the Acadians in the American Colonies; Acadians Appeal to Louis SV at Compiegne, 1772; The Acadian Colony of the Grand' Ligne; Disillusioned Acadians, 1777; Peyroux de la Coudreniere; Aranda Acieves Removal of the Acadians, The Seven Acadian Expeditions to Louisiana; The New Acadia in Louisiana.  224 pages - Condition:  Good because of markings - otherwise, very good.

2.   The Founding of New Acadia The Beginnings of Acadian Life in Louisiana 1765-1803, Carl Brasseaux, Louisiana State University Press 1997-01 (1997).  Price:  $50
  • This hard cover book is in very good condition.No dust jacket.
  • Content:  Children of the Frontier; Dispersal and Survival; Acadians in the Middle Atlantic Colonies; Frontiersmen in Feudal France;  Allons a la Louisiane:  Aadian Immigration 1765-1769; Acadian Settlement Patters; From Barachois to Bayou:  The Metamorphosis of Acadian Culture In Spanish Louisiana; Acadian Anticlericalism; Cultures In Conflict:  Acadian-Creole Relations; Red Men and Refugees:  Acadian-Indian Relations; The Rise of Slavery in New Acadia; and much more.  229 pages - Condition:  Very Good
3.  Acadian Reminiscences, Felix Voorhies, The Jacobs News Depot Co., Publishers, Opelousas, Louisiana (1907) Price:  $100  REDUCED!  PRICED TO SELL AT $50
  • This is a First Edition with grey hard cover.  Title is printed in Gold lettering.  Considering the age of this book it is in very good condition.
  • The Acadian Reminiscences is a word painting of the life of the Acadians in the Teche Country in the long ago. The plain, simple frugal life of these people, their devotion to principle, their unbound faith in the goodness of God, their love for each other during all their misfortunes and perilous wanderings, appeal to the heart. The simple pathos of the grandmother's story comes to us with such consummate art, that the eye unwittingly grows moist, as the reader follows the journeyings of this little band, self-exiled and noble in their poverty, from desolated homes on the bleak Acadian coast, to their final destination in the hospitable valley of the Teche. . . . With them [the Acadians] we hear in their peaceful Acadian homes the first war-cry that startles the country, and shudder at the near approach of the cruel and merciless foe. We hope against hope that God or man will interfere in their behalf-till the dreaded day dawns, on which they must decide whether or not they will be true to their God, their King, their country, lose all and become wanderers on the face of the earth; or sacrificing these, supinely yield to Britain, and continue to live at ease and in plenty in the homes of their youth, and till the soil hallowed by the graves of their forefathers. When these issues were presented to them, much as they loved their homes, and the land that gave them birth, they cried out with one accord: No, no a thousand times! Sacrifice our religion, our King, our country? No, let ruin, desolation, despair, let death overtake us, we cannot, we will not give up those. And so the die was cast. In the utmost haste valuables were gathered together or thrown into wells, objects of spoil were destroyed, and they themselves applied the torch that soon reduced their beloved village to ashes. In the darkness of the night, lighted only by the lurid glare of their burning homes, they left their devoted St. Gabriel forever. -Andrew Thorpe from the Introduction.  107 pages - Condition:  Very Good
4.   Along The Shores of Saint Mary's Bay The Story of a Unique Community Volume I: The First Hundred Years, J. Alphonse Deveau, Sainte Anne University Press/Imprimerie de L'Universite Sainte-Anne, Church Point, Nova Scotia (1977).  Price:  $50
  • This blue soft cover book is a first edition signed by the author.  The first 16 pages have sustained a bit of water damage before I purchased it but the text is intact.
  • Contents:  Topography, Climate, and Soil; Toponomy, or Origin of Place Names; The First Inhaitants of Saint Mary's Bay, the Micmac Indians; The First Acadian Settlers of Saint Mary's Bay; The Pre-Loyalist English Settlers; The Loyalist Settlements on the Shores of Saint Mary's Bay; The Post-Loyalist Settlements on the Shores of Saint Mary's Bay; The Economy of the First Hundred Years; Family Life Along Saint Mary's Bay; Everyday Life along Saint Mary's Bay Area; Diary of Francois Bourneuf; The Great Fires and Other Disasters; Bibliography. 165 pages - Condition:  Good
5.   Histoire du Cap-Sable de l'An Mil Au Traite de Paris Volume 3 (1763), Clarence-J. d'Entremont, Priest, Hebert Publications, Eunice, Louisiana (1981).  Price:  $100  REDUCED!  PRICED TO SELL AT $75
  • French hard cover book in good condition. 
  • Content:  Philippe Mius d'Entremont; Les Enfants La Tour-Motin; La Famillle d'Entremont; Les Mius; La Branche Acadienne et la Branche Micmaque; Les Suites de la Concession Hervieux: Bajolet, Pesseley, Pitre, Amirault; Autres Failles refugiees au Cap-Sable:  Aubois, Roy, Guy, Sicot, Dugas.  737 pages - Condition:  Good
6.  Missing Links Of A Lost Chapter in American History, Volume II, Edouard Richard, Home Book Company, New York (1895).  First Edition.  Price:  $125
  • This greatly desired book by Acadian researchers was written by an Acadian who was an ex-member of The House of Commons of Canada.  The previous owner was a priest who signed his name and year he obtained the book.  The map in the front of the book is a bit loose as are a few pages but as a whole the book is intact.   
  • Content:  The author begins with the Deportation of the Acadians and takes us through their years of exile ending with a letter from Jean Baptiste Galerme to the Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania.
  • Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, as is this one, are now extremely scarce.  I considered myself extremely fortunate when I was able to purchase this book quite a few years ago.  384 pages - Condition:  Good
7.  Le Drame Acadien Depuis 1604, Antoine Bernard, Clerc de Saint-Viateur,  Les Clercs de Saint-Viateur, Montreal (1936).  Price:  $100 REDUCED!  PRICED TO SELL AT $50
  • In French and in its original paperback edition is again greatly desired by Acadian researchers.
  • Content:  Volume I contains fifteen chapters as follows: Premieres exploration; Poutrincourt a Port-Royal; Premiers missionnaires d'Acadie; Sir William Alexander et les deux Latour; richelieu, Razilly et l'acadie; Charles d'Aulnay a Port-Royal; Nicolas Denys, chef d'industrie en Acadie et publiciste de l'Acadie; L'Acadie au temps de La Valliere; Deux visiteurs de marque en Acadie en 1686; Unce colonie chancelante; L'acadie de 1700, vue par Diereville; Fin de regime francais en Acadie; Les Acadiens s'attachent a la Nouvelle-Ecosse;Fin tragique de l'ancienne Acadie; Denouement du drame: une nouvelle Acadie; Appendices; Index des noms de personnes; Table des Matieres; Table des cartes et illustrations.  459 pages - Condition:  Good 
8.  Histoire de la Survivance Acadienne 1755-1935, Antoine Bernard, Clerc de Saint-Viateur,  Les Clercs de Saint-Viateur, Montreal (1935).  Signed by author. Price:  $100 REDUCED! PRICED TO SELL AT $50
  • In French and in its original paperback edition is again greatly desired by Acadian researchers.
  • Content: Le pays Acadien; Les ruines de 1755; L'oeuvre de l'Abbe Bourg en Acadie; Les origines Francaises du Nouveau-Brunswick oriental; Debuts de la region de Memramcook (1766-1812); Debuts de la region de Caraquet (1755-1812); Pale demi-siecle au Nouveau-Brunswick (1812-1864); Progres Acadien au Nouveau-Brunswick oriental (depuis 1864); Le Madawaska-Restigouche; La Nouvelle-Ecosse; L'ile du Cap-Breton; L'il du Prince Edouard; Les iles de la Madeleine; Labrador et Anticosti; Regions Acadiennes de la province de Quebec; Appendices; Tables des matieres; Table des cartes et illustrations. 465 pages - Condition: Good.
9.  This Is Caraquet Its history Its people Its tales, J. Antonin Friolet, Self published (1994).  Price:  $25  SOLD
  • Beautiful paperback cover.  This is an interesting that has been written and published in both English and French.
  • Content:  Foreword; The Old Lost Road; First Glimpse; About Caraquet; Its People; The Acadian Village; The Laughing Frenchman; Tears of Acadia; An Epic Journey; Wild Flowers; Murder on the Island; The Caraquet Riot; Voyage in the Night; Burnt Fingers; The Lady in the Snow; Tragedy Strikes; The Fisherman's Day.  105 pages in each language.  Condition:  Excellent - New
 10.  Cheticamp History and Acadian Traditions, Father Anselme Chiasson, Capucin, Breakwater Books Ltd., (1986).  Price:  $50  PRICED TO SELL AT $25
  • In paperback with photo of the Cheticamp church on the cover.  Father Anselme was well known for promoting all things Acadian.   He once worked at the Centre d'etudes acadiennes at U Moncton and since he passed away the centre is now known as the Anselme Chiasson Centre
  • Partial Content:  Dawning of Acadia and the English Conquest; Geographical and Political Positions of Cheticamp; Founding of Cheticamp before and after the Deportation; Economic Life etc.
  •  If your ancestors came from Cheticamp, this is the book for you. 316 pages - Condition:  Good
11.  The Siege of Fort Beausejour 1755, Chris M. Hand, Goose Lane Editions and The New Brunswick Military Heritage Project (2004).  Price:  $20
  • Content:  From the back cover: In the 1750s, the present New Brunswick / Nova Scotia border was a fortified camp as the British and French vied for Acadia. Fort Beauséjour guarded the rich fields that Acadian farmers had cultivated for generations, and it secured New France’s crucial overland route from the Atlantic to the North American interior. Fort Lawrence, in plain view only three kilometres away, asserted the British counterclaim. In June 1755, after a brief siege, a combined force of British soldiers and New England volunteers captured Fort Beauséjour. The Siege of Fort Beauséjour, 1755 tells the story of the fort and its defeat. When Beauséjour fell, so did Acadia and, within a few years, New France. This campaign determined the fate of the region, precipitated the Deportation of the Acadians, and changed the destiny of the entire continent. The Siege of Fort Beauséjour, 1755 is the third volume in the New Brunswick Military Heritage Series.109 pages - Condition:  Excellent - New
12.  Genealogy of the Thirty-Seven Families/ La Genealogie des Trente-Sept Famillies Hotesses des Retrouvaille,  vol. 25, nos 2 et 3 (1994), Stephen A. White, Tribune Press Ltd., Sackville, N.B. Price:  Make a  reasonable offer.  SOLD
  • This book really needs no introduction.  Acadian genealogists have been using the contents of this book ever since it was published  in 1994. 
  • Family genealogies for:  Allain, Arsenault, Babin, Babineau, Bastarache dit Basque, Belliveau, Bordage (Bourdage), Boucher, Boudreau, Bourgeois, Bourque, Caissie, Collet, Cormier, Daigle, Devarennes (Gaultier de Varennes), Doiron, Gaudet, Gautreau, Girouard, Goguen (Gueguen), Gosselin, Hache dit Gallant, Landry, LeBlanc, Leger, Maillet, Martin, Melanson, Petitpas, Poirier, Richard, Robichaud, Savoie, Surette, Thibodeau, Vautour.
  • 238 pages - Condition:  Excellent - New
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