February 27, 2013

Four LeBlanc Brothers - Do You Descend From Any of Them?

Some time ago a long lost cousin who found me through my Family Tree Maker site sent me the above photo hoping that I could identify the four people in it.

Actually, they are four LeBlanc brothers.  I think the fellow to the far right is my uncle Albert LeBlanc but I cannot be positive. 

There were five brothers living when this photo was taken.  Two had died in the early 1900s and one is missing from this photo.  

The five living brothers were Joseph Edmond born 1888, Frederick (Fred) born 1889, Albert born 1891, my father George born 1896 and Henri born 1901.

George is my father but of course, I did not know him when he was this young and I didn't know any of my LeBlanc uncles (most unfortunately!).  

If anyone can identify this photo please let me know. It will mean we are related.

These four LeBlanc brothers were the children of my grandparents Damien S. LeBlanc and OdilleDoiron.

If you descend from this family, we are closely related and I would love to hear from you. The family name was changed to White.

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Anonymous said...

Just for fun I started surfing through your site and then into my own genealogy in the P.A.F. program, and to my surprose I found out that you and I are 8th cousins 2 times removed, our common ancestors being Daniel LeBlanc and Francoise Gaudet. Now if you can link into Sara LeBlanc and Alexis Charles Landry we will have a double relationship. Small world isn't it, until I got bitten by the genealogy bug I didn't even know I had any French ancestry.

Arlene Butler, Alberta Canada

Antonio Consentino said...

Dear Mrs Consentino,
my name is Antonio Consentino. I'm 43 and I live in Rome, Italy.
My father Gioacchino Consentino was born in Mistretta , Messina, Sicily, Italy.
And my grandfather named Antonio Consentino was born in Mistretta too and was a soldier died in 1943 in Rome Italy during World war II.

I don't know but maybe we are relatives

my email

Barbie Dycus said...

Tracing back my husband's family tree - I have found a
Madeleine LeBlanc the information I have on her is: Birth 1687 in Kings, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia, Canada
Death 04 OCT 1761 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
She was married to Captain Michel Hache-Gallant (Hache Dit Gallant) Oct. 11, 1711. They had several children: Michel, Jean, Madeline, AnneMarie, Margurarite, Franciouse, Joseph and Judith.
The family line continues to the name Cuvillier - which was his mother's name.
Anyhow, just wanted to say I think you are related to him .... distantly.

Barbie Dycus said...

I think you are related to my husband ....distantly.

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Hi .. small world indeed. We are all connected to one degree or another ;)


Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Hi Barbie,

Thank you for your message.

Actually, Michel Haché dit Gallant who married Madeleine LeBlanc was the son of Michel and Anne Cormier..no Cuvillier there.

Madeleine LeBlanc was born Abt. 1686 in Les Mines/Grand-Pré, Acadia. Counties did not exist back then so I would suggest you might want to remove Kings county from your data ;). She died 04 October 1761.

My only "relationship" to the Haché dit Gallant family is through marriage of my distant cousins. I descend from not Haché ancestors.

Madeleine LeBlanc was the daughter of Jacques LeBlanc and Catherine Hébert. Jacques' parents: Daniel and Françoise Gaudet. Catherine Hébert's parents: Antoine and Geneviève Lefranc.

I am trying to figure out how you came up with Cuvillier rather than Cormier for Michel's mother. Can you tell me that? Thank you.


Rhashene Rhemm said...

I found that I have a direct relation to joseph broussard born in abt 1885 and he was the illigetimate child of a broussard he was a land owner in 1920 he could read and right before most freemen .and he was given the land by his father.My greatgrandfather Died when my grangmother was three. His wife alexandrive broussard was of french and indian decent but I cant trace his mother His Father was married with about five sons.When he died some one took all his property and my greatgrandmother couldnt read so I think She was sighned with an X I have really been looking for any document in relation to his land and my family connects to yours twice I have a cousin named Whittney leblanc on my fathers side and i noticed other leblanc and broussard. Also my grandmother on spoke french I have some very old photos I would love for you to see

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Hi Antonio,

I've been told that all Consentino come from Mistretta.. there is undoubtedly a relationship between you and my husband.