February 27, 2013

Four LeBlanc Brothers - Do You Descend From Any of Them?

Some time ago a long lost cousin who found me through my Family Tree Maker site sent me the above photo hoping that I could identify the four people in it.

Actually, they are four LeBlanc brothers.  I think the fellow to the far right is my uncle Albert LeBlanc but I cannot be positive. 

There were five brothers living when this photo was taken.  Two had died in the early 1900s and one is missing from this photo.  

The five living brothers were Joseph Edmond born 1888, Frederick (Fred) born 1889, Albert born 1891, my father George born 1896 and Henri born 1901.

George is my father but of course, I did not know him when he was this young and I didn't know any of my LeBlanc uncles (most unfortunately!).  

If anyone can identify this photo please let me know. It will mean we are related.

These four LeBlanc brothers were the children of my grandparents Damien S. LeBlanc and OdilleDoiron.

If you descend from this family, we are closely related and I would love to hear from you. The family name was changed to White.

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