November 28, 2011

Cyber Week BOOK SALE Going On

Today's books for sale

Books for sale! (Want to buy a book? See instructions for buyers at the bottom of this post.)
Prices are for book only. Additional shipping costs to be calculated based on the buyer's location.

1.  1666 Census of Nouvelle France/New France Quintin Publications (1998).  Price: $25  SOLD
  • This soft cover book is in excellent condition.  It contains the earliest census of Quebec taken from the Archives of Quebec.  If you do not read French just remember that names are names and places are places.  It is very easy to follow through this French-Canadian census and to know where your earliest ancestors were living in 1666 Quebec.  154 pages - Condition:  Excellent
21762 Census of the Government of Quebec Amédée Gosselin,  Priest,  Quintin Publications (1997) Price: $25 SOLD
  • This soft cover book is in excellent condition.  This census of Quebec taken from the Archives of Quebec.  If you do not read French just remember that names are names and places are places.  It is very easy to follow through this French-Canadian census and to know where your earliest ancestors were living in 1666 Quebec.  143 pages - Condition:  Excellent
  • Including:  South Shore of the St. Lawrence River:  Deschaillons, Lotbiniere; Ste-Croix; St-Antoine; St-Nicolas; Levis; St-Henri; Ste-Marie; St-Joseph; St-Charles; St-Michel; Beaumont; St-Vallier; Berthier-sur-Mer; St-Francois; St-Pierre; Montmagny; Cap St-Ignace; L'Islet' Port-Joly; St-Roch-des-Aulnaies; Ste-Anne-de-La Pocatiere; Riviere-Ouelle; Kamouraska; Riviere-du-Loup; L'Ile-Verte; Trois-Pistoles and Rimouski.      
  • North Shore of the St. Lawrence River:  Les Grondines; Deschambault; Cap-Sante; Les Ecureuills; Neuville; Lancienne Lorette; Jeune-Lorette; Ste-Foy; Charlesbourg; St-Augustin; Quebec; Beauport; L'Ange-Gardien; Chateau-Richer; Ste-Anne-De-Beaupre; St-Joachim; Petite-Riviere; Baie St-Paul; Ile-aux-Coudres; Les Eboulements and the Ile d'Orleans. 
3,  (The) Acadian Miracle  Dudley LeBlanc Evangeline Publishing Co., Lafayette, Louisiana (1966) Price: $100
  • A first edition, this book was inscribed to me from a friend.  Red hard bound cover with 419 pages.  Given the age of the book it is very good condition.
  • Contents:  Acadian history from the origin of the name through the exile and more.  Also contains some census records, militia lists and a few ships' lists.
4.  Acadian Redemption from Beausoleil Broussard to the Queen's Royal Proclamation, Warren A. Perrin, Andrepont Publishing, Opelousas, Louisiana (2004)  Price: $22
  • Acadian Redemption: From Beausoleil Broussard to the Queen’s Royal Proclamation, the first biography of an Acadian exile, defines the 18th century society of Acadia into which Joseph dit Beausoleil Broussard was born in 1702. The book tells of his early life events and militant struggles with the British who had for years wanted to lay claim to the Acadian rich lands. Subsequent chapters discuss the epic odyssey during which Beausoleil led a group of one hundred ninety-three Acadians from Nova Scotia to Louisiana, the New Acadia, with the hope that his beloved Acadian culture would survive. Condition:  Excellent

  • Voted best history book by La Press Women's Association 2004
5.  (The) Acadians of Madawaska, Maine Reverend Charles W. Collins, Chancellor Maine Diocese, Boston: Press of Thomas A. Whalen & Co. (1902) Reprint by Quintin Publications (1997) Price: $25

  • Brief Acadian history and how the Acadians settled in Madawaska also an abstract of Acadians listed in the 1820 census for Matawaska.  There is a tear on the bottom of the back cover that makes the condition very good rather than excellent - other than the back cover, it really is like new.
 6.  An Unsettled Conquest - The British Campaign Against The Peoples of Acadia, Geoffrey Plank, University of Pennsylvania Press (2001) Price: $50

  • The former French colony of Acadia—permanently renamed Nova Scotia by the British when they began an ambitious occupation of the territory in 1710—witnessed one of the bitterest struggles in the British empire. Whereas in its other North American colonies Britain assumed it could garner the sympathies of fellow Europeans against the native peoples, in Nova Scotia nothing was further from the truth. The Mi'kmaq, the native local population, and the Acadians, descendants of the original French settlers, had coexisted for more than a hundred years prior to the British conquest, and their friendships, family ties, common Catholic religion, and commercial relationships proved resistant to British-enforced change. Unable to seize satisfactory political control over the region, despite numerous efforts at separating the Acadians and Mi'kmaq, the authorities took drastic steps in the 1750s, forcibly deporting the Acadians to other British colonies and systematically decimating the remaining native population.

    The story of the removal of the Acadians, some of whose descendants are the Cajuns of Louisiana, and the subsequent oppression of the Mi'kmaq has never been completely told. In this first comprehensive history of the events leading up to the ultimate break-up of Nova Scotian society, Geoffrey Plank skillfully unravels the complex relationships of all of the groups involved, establishing the strong bonds between the Mi'kmaq and Acadians as well as the frustration of the British administrators that led to the Acadian removal, culminating in one of the most infamous events in North American history.

  • Hard bound with dust cover.  Condition:  Excellent
7.  Gentlemen and Jesuits - Glory and Adventure in the Early Days of Acadia, Elizabeth Jones, Nimbus Publishing Ltd (2002) Price: $25
  • Paper back - Condition: Excellent
ogne  Life in Acadia, Rosemary Neering, Stan Garrod, Fitzhenry and Whiteside, Growth of a Nation Series (2003) Price: $25
  • Soft cover - very good condition.
9.  Postcards from Acadie - Grand-Pre, Evangeline & The Acadian Identity, Barbara Le Blanc, Gaspereau Press, Kentville, Nova Scotia (2003).  Price: $25
  • The book is 6 x 9 inch sewn paperback with black endpapers. Includes 39 black and white reproductions. The cover includes a full colour reproduction of a painting by Maurice Le Blanc.
  • In Postcards from Acadie, Barbara Le Blanc explores the cultural and symbolic resonance of the Grand-Pré National Historic site. Settled in the 1680s, Grand-Pré was one of the loci for the Acadian deportation in 1755. From the settlement and deportation of the early Acadians, to the mass marketing of the Dominion Atlantic Railway and the federal reshaping as a National Historic site, Grand-Pré has served "as a historical clue, a focal point, a catharsis, a catalyst, and a motivator, both for Acadians and for others." Excavating the political and cultural symbols that have shaped Grand-Pré, Le Blanc explores the ways in which we negotiate personal and group identity. In Acadian endeavours to direct and control a sense of identity in a changing world, Grand-Pré plays a significant role by serving as a place of heritage commemoration and celebration – of past, present, and future.
  • Barbara Le Blanc has published numerous articles on Acadian culture in journals and anthologies. From 1988 to 1992, she was the director of Grand-Pré National Historic site and from 1998 to 2001, was the president of the Société Promotion Grand-Pré. She has also served as the president of the Fédération Acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse and the president of the Folklore Association of Canada. She is currently a professor at Université Sainte-Anne in the Education department.  This book was inscribed for a friend but has the author's signature on the title page.  
10.  (The) Road to Canada - The Grand Communications Route from Saint John to Quebec, Gary Campbell, Goose Lane Editions (2005).  Price:  $25 
  • This is a really nice little back with great graphics and maps.   Condition:  Excellent
11.  Two Volumes Set for St, Mary's Bay (Catholic Parish Church Registers) 1818-1829 and 1840-1844.Compiled by Father Jean-Mande Sigogne, Transcribed, Edited and indexed by Leonard H. Smith, Jr., Self-published 1975.  2 Volume Set. Price $100 each.  May be purchased separately.  SOLD

  • These volumes were previously library editions so they show some wear and tear on the corners and paper back spines.  All of the pages numbering 201 and 152 respectively are intact and in very good condition.
  • These records of the church in Clare, Digby Co., Nova Scotia include the catalogues of families kept by Father Sigogne. A French-English glossary is included.The first volume has an introduction by Father Sigogne both in French and English.  The second volume contains an introduction by Father Clarence d'Entremont.
12.  Le Régiment Carignan/The Carignan Regiment, G.-Robert Gareau, Self-published (2001).  Price: $45
  • If you read French and have ancestors who belonged to the Carignan Regiment, this is the book for you. 173 pages chuck full of information.
  • Condition:  Excellent
13.  Repertoire/Reportory of the Marriages for St-Andre, Kamouraska 1791-1968, M. L'Abbe Armand Proulx, (1970).  Price:  $40 
  • French-Canadians  had many ancestors who came from St-Andre Parish.  Though in French, names are names, dates are dates so it is very easy to use these repertories. There is a French introduction that I would be more than happy to translate for the buyer.

  • Condition:  Good:  Heavy paper bound.  Has had library use.  Has a  tear top of binding.  The 181 pages, including indes, are in good condition.
14.  Repertoire/Repertory of Marriages for St-Edouard Parish, Gentilly, Nicolet Cty, 1784-1914 F. Dominique Campagna, s.c.(1964) Price: $40 SOLD

15.  Repertoire/Repertory of the Marriages for St-Zephirin (1846) St-Pie-de-Guire (1874), La Visitation (1898), St-Bonaventure (1866), St- Elphege (1886), St-Joachim (1901) Yamaska County, Quebec, (1969)  Price:  $45
  • Condition:  Very good
15.  Repertoire/Repertory of the Marriages for St-Louis, Lotbiniere, 1691-1965.  Compiled by Eloi-Gerard, Marist (1966).  Price: $50
  • This repertory is hard bound.  Condition:  Very good. 


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