November 25, 2011

Black Friday BOOK SALE Now Open!

Today's books for sale
Books for sale! (Want to buy a book? See instructions for buyers at the bottom of this post.)
Prices are for book only. Additional shipping costs to be calculated based on the buyer's location.
1. Acadians in Exile by Rev. Donald J. Hebert (1980). Cecilia, Louisiana: Hebert Publications. Price: $50.  SOLD
  • This out-of-print volume is includes valuable  information about Acadians who were in Acadia; South America; France; and the West Indies.It consists of genealogy and census records.
2. The Acadian Exiles in the American Colonies. Milton P. Rieder, Jr. and Norma Gaudet Rieder. (1977). Price: $50.  SOLD
  • This excellent book states where the exiles were in the colonies. Out of print and very difficult to find. This is an ex-library edition.
3. History of Acadia, from Its First Discovery to Its Surrender to England by the Treaty of Paris. James Hannay. (1879.)  J & A McMillan Press. Price: $125.  SOLD

  • This is a beautiful old book with historic significance. It's a collectable in good condition. I think this is a first edition. It's the book in the center at top. The spine is worn more than the cover, as is typical with books of this age.
4. Baie des Chaleurs Parish Registres, 1786-1799. Transcribed and translated into English by Janet B. Gehn (1984).  Price: $25.  SOLD
  • Baie des Chaleurs was an important area for Acadians who went there after the exile ended. This book consists of genealogy. It's a little marked up here and there with some highlighting from a previous owner, but overall is in good condition.
5. Repertoire des Mariages/Marriage Repertoty de Bécancour, Cté Nicolet, Quebec, 1716-1914.   Par/By Dominique Campagna, S.C. Price:  $40
  • Almost all marriages in this repertoire consists of Acadian marriages post exile.  
 6.  Repertoire des Mariages/Marriage Reprrtory for St-Grégoire Parish, Cté/Cty Nicolet, Quebec, 1803-1946.  Compiled by Alphonse Allard and Albert Labonté. Price:  $40
  •  Many of the marriages at St-Grégoire were Acadian marriages post exile.
 7.  Repertoire des St-Ours/St-Ours Marriage Repertoire,1750-1975, Compiled by Gerard Binette and Yvette Binette (1976).  Price:  $40 SOLD

  • Another predominantly Acadian parish post exile.
 8.  The Melansons of Nineteenth-Century Southeastern New Brunswick, A Genealogy by Michael B. Melanson (1998) First Edition. Price: $15 SOLD

 9.   The Melanson Story, Acadian Family, Acadian Times by Margaret C. Melanson, (2003).Price: $34
  • This illustrated historical biography traces the lives and adventures of Pierre and Charles Mellanson, the precursors of all of today's Melansons and Melançons.
10.  Montcalm and Wolfe, Volume 1 by Francis Parkman (1889). Thirteenth Edition. Boston: Little, Brown and Company.  Price: $50
  • This antique edition has lovely brown decorative covers in an arts and crafts style. In good condition. Chapter VIII: Removal of the Acadians is especially pertinent to Acadian genealogy and history. It covers: "State of Acadia. Threatened Invasion. Peril of the English. Their Plans. French Forts to be attacked. Beausejour and its Occupants. French treatment of the Acadians. John Winslow. Siege and Capture of Beausejour. Attitude of Acadians. Influence of their Priests. They refuse the Oath of Allegiance. Their Condition and Character. Pretended Neutrals. Moderation of English Authorities. The Acadians persist in their Refusal. Enemies or Subjects? Choice of the Acadians. The Consequences. Their Removal determined. Winslow at Grand Pre. Conference with Murray. Summons to the Inhabitants. Their Seizure. Their Embarkation. Their Fate. Their Treatment in Canada. Misapprehension concerning them." 

Lucie's Acadian Home Book Sale:
Information for Buyers
For each book, I list a sale price that covers the cost of the book ONLY. In addition to this price, the buyer will pay the shipping and handling costs as calculated by the seller. (Note that handling costs cover the cost of shipping supplies.)

Email with the name(s) of the book(s) you wish to purchase AND your mailing address (so that I may calculate shipping costs accurately). Requests will be filled in the order received. If you were the first to respond requesting a book, you will receive a return email confirming this.

First come, first served. Whoever emails me first with a request will receive an email confirmation from me, followed by an invoice.

Prospective buyers who are unsuccessful in their requests will not receive a personal email back. Instead, please check the book list; if it is marked “sold” but you did not receive a message from me, it was sold to somebody else.

After receiving your invoice, please submit your payment within seven days. Buyers may pay as follows:
1.       Buyers within the continental U.S. may pay via PayPal or personal check.
2.       Buyers from Canada may pay via PayPal only.

Your order will ship after your payment has cleared. You will receive an email confirming that your order has shipped.

No returns. All sales are final.

Buyers who reserve a book but do not submit payment within 7 days of invoice will lose their reservation and the book will be relisted. At the seller’s discretion, buyers who reserve books but do not complete the transaction may be ineligible for future purchases.

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