January 26, 2010

Will the Dictionnaire généaloique des familles acadiennes by Stephen A. White go onlne?

Will the Dictionnaire généaloique des familles acadiennes by Stephen A. White go online?  Perhaps.  I received this message from Stephen this morning:  "The Université de Moncton is in fact at this time actively considering making its genealogical database available online for consultation on a subscription basis.  No details are available at the moment, but there will be adequate publicity for the project in due course, if it does go forward. It must be noted that while the database is co-extensive with the entire Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes (1636-1780), it is not fully documented like the Dictionnaire and does not include any of the Dictionnaire's explanatory notes."

What a boon this would be to be able to subscribe online for access to this marvelous database! Here is  hoping it will be approved.  Stay tuned!  I will pass on information about this as I receive it.

I am also taking a poll. How many of you would subscribe to the database should be be online?

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Anonymous said...

I think it would depend on the cost, but I would definitely be interested. I have used Cyprien Tanguay's books (online), and I would certainly be interested in this too!

Caroline said...

I would subscribe... I trust it would be a little more reasonably priced than an Ancestry world membership... ;-)

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Hello Wendy and Caroline.

I have absolutely no doubt that it would be reasonably priced. ;o)

Ruth said...

It would depend on the price. Actually I use Ancestry.ca, PRDH and BMS2000.

rommo1 said...

Lucie, I would consider subscribing to the database should it come online. Please keep me informed. Rogers Romero