January 13, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Death Record for Grandfather Damien LeBlanc

This death record for my grandfather Daniel (Damien) LeBlanc is truly a treasure for me and for my family.  I had been searching for his place of death and burial for more years than I can remember.  What I never knew was that he had changed his name to Daniel.

Why the name change?  That really had me baffled but it seems that many Acadian men by the name of Damien change their names to Daniel.

Someone asked how I knew this was really my grandfather.  Because I've done my family genealogy I knew the names of his parents and their names are on the death record.  The person giving the information was a Mrs. Pierre LeBlanc.  Well this is another mystery.  She obviously knew my grandfather very well to have given the names of his parents.  She was obviously aware that both his wives had passed away. I hope I can solve who this lady was and how we are related.

So if I'd known about this interchange of names I would have probably found my grandfather's death record long ago.  I found it just this past October 21st and I was just thrilled when I saw it, was able to download it and print it.  Indeed this is a treasure. The record also tells me where he was buried.  Now finding his grave will be a whole new search!
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Yvelle said...

How wonderful it must be to find the missing puzzle! Congratulations Lucie!

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Thank you Yvelle.. it is rewarding indeed!


Carol said...

Truly a treasure, just love FamilySearch!

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Thank you for your comment Carol!

I just love the familysearch.org site. It is amazing.


Marian said...

Have you considered that Mrs. Pierre LeBlanc is married to a man you know by a different name? It's fairly common for people from French speaking countries to have Pierre or Marie as their first name but be known by their middle name. Just a thought.

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Hi Marian,

Thanks for the suggestion however Acadians would have simply anglicized Pierre to Peter - it is unfortunate that she did not give *her* given name rather than Mrs. Pierre LeBlanc..sigh..lol