January 25, 2011

Who Is In Those Photos

Some people have asked "who is in the photos" - those photos in question are part of the header of this blog.

From the left:

# 1.  My grandparents Arthémise Dumais and Étienne Levesque on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.

#2.  Photo taken with them and their children, grandchildren and great grandchild on the same occasion.

#3.  Their daughter Rosanna Levesque and George LeBlanc - my parents.

#4.  Wedding photo of Lucie LeBlanc and Anthony Consentino (me and my husband).

#5.  Photo of our two daughters Rebecca and Sarah.

#6.  Wedding photo of Rebecca Consentino and Tyler Hains.

#7.  Wedding photo of Sarah Consentino and Corey Jackson.

#8.  Our grandson Theo, son of Rebecca and Tyler.

#9.  Old photo of me and my grandmother at the beach when I was a child.

#10.  My husband Anthony when he was a boy.

#11.   Wedding photo of Maria Grazia Consentino and Filippo Consentino - my husband's parents

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Barbara Poole said...

I never asked, because I knew five, but it is nice knowing about the others. Thanks for posting the list.