December 3, 2009

A History of the Consentino Family Musicians

Part IV

Vincenzo Consentino

In Parts I, II and III of the history of the Consentino musicians, we shared the music professions of the descendants of Francesco Consentino.  In Part IV, we are going to talk about the descendants of Vincenzo who was Francesco's brother.

As far as the family knows, Vincenzo (Vincent) Consentino did not play a musical instrument so some of his children and grandchildren perhaps found an interest in music because of all their uncles and cousins who did.

Vincenzo Consentino married Maria Ortoleva  circa 1889 in Mistretta, Italy.  On March 3, 1902 Vincenzo arrived in the port of  Boston aboard the ship Cambroman with his wife Maria and children Guiseppe (Joseph), Bennedetta, the twins Liberto (Albert) and Maria and Felice (Felix).   Maria was refused entry into the United States because their youngest daughter Rosa was sick.  She went back to Sicily with the four youngest children and returned in 1905. The oldest children  Pietro (Peter) and Benedetta remained in Massachusetts with their father.  

On 29 May 1905, Maria Ortoleva arrived with three of her children in the port of Boston on the S.S. Romanic that sailed from Naples uly 29, 2007.  Rosa was not with them as she had passed away.

Of their five then living children Felix Consentino played the banjo and the mandolin.  My husband Anthony Consentino believes he learned to play these instruments from his cousin Joseph Consentino.  He married Clara V. Hausehalter in 1926.  Felix never really played professionally as his cousins did.  

Four children were born to Felix and Clara:  Miriam, Paul, Harold and Albert.  At some point Clara wanted Felix to change the Consentino name so he did - their family's name has become Consentine -  not much of a change as spelling goes  except that it sounds Greek rather than Italian.

Their second son Paul Consentine was a professional musician whose main instruments were clarinet and saxophone.  Paul spent most of his career playing at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.  When his career ended with the Navy, he retired in Annapolis.  That is all the information that we have concerning Paul.

His brother Harold was also a musician.  Above is a photo of Harold with his parents Clara and Felix on the day of his wedding. 

Harold Consentine and Patricia K. Schnieder 
and Harold's  parents Clara and Felix

Harold and Patricia had eight children.  Diana Marie,Harold Joseph, Denise Claire, Terry Ann, Carolyn Patricia, Lisa Jean, Kristin Lori, and Lindsay Katherine.

Harold played the piano though it seems he could play other instruments.  According to some of his children, he worked for a music store.  His daughter Denise Louque says:  "Our dad played so often.  My most favorite request was "world is waiting on a sunrise" he added his own flare to it... miss him playing!"

 His daughter Kristin Consentine Valdez sent me the following:  "My mother told me could play any instrument. When my parents moved to Newington, NH, they rented the Issaic Dow House. My father was a Newington Police officer for a few years. Later, he was employed as a music teacher and gave lessons at the Piano Store in the Newington Mall. People would gather round in crowds to listen to him while they shopped. He did that for many years. For another many years, he volunteered his Saturday afternoons and played at the Edgewood Center in Portsmouth, NH. (an elderly home facility) ."

Her sister Denise says he would roll out a piano to the center of the mall and that's when people would gather around to listen.

Harold passed away on November 23, 2001 - his family still misses all the music he brought into their lives.  Some members of  the family play an instrument  for their own pleasure.


In addition to his son Felix and two of his grandsons, Vincenzo Consentino had another son who played the piano.  His name was Liberto better known as Albert Consentino in the photo below.

 Some of the Consentino musicians
Albert Consentino, son of Vincenzo,
Frank (Frankie Kahn) Consentino 
Albert Consentino, sons of Joseph,
Anthony Consentino 
grandson of both Francesco and Vincenzo 
Gil Consentino, son of Joseph
Joseph Consentino, son of Frank (Frankie Kahn)

Albert  (Liberto in Italian)  was born in 1898 in Mistretta.  He married Delia Araldo three children were born to them:  Eleanore, Albert and Philip.  Albert became an medical doctor.  He practiced in Haverhill, Massachusetts where he and Delia raised their family.  He was chief at the Hale Hospital; served on the Haverhill School Committee for twenty years; and was also quite involved with the Rotary Club.

He never became a professional musician - likely because he was busy enough as a doctor as well as his civic commitments.  Nonetheless, he composed and published songs.  Some of the songs were for children and we do have a book of his published songs.  He was very generous with his time and contributions to the school system.

His hard work did not go unnoticed.  In 1970 the Dr. Albert B. Consentino Middle School was dedicated in his name.  As part of the dedication ceremony, two of his published songs were performed by the Haverhil High School Choraleens:  "Lullaby" and "Waltz Delia".

The book of "Songs by A. B. Consentino, M.D." that is self-published, contains songs composed between 1935 and 1945, primarily for the entertainment of his children.  Many of the compositions have been played in churches, schools and over the radio.  At the time of publication, Sarkis Kirkjian, Supervisor of Music Education for the Haverhill Public Schools wrote the foreword that includes the following:  "The sincere, unretentious character of these songs and pieces displays the distinctive talent Dr. Consentino  has for melody writing.  This collection is sure to give much pleasure to singers, pianists and in fact to all musicians young and old.

Dr. Albert Consentino passed away in 1973 but he has left a rich legacy for the school children of Haverhill and is still well respected and remembered.  A few years ago I was in touch with the principal of the Consentino school who I knew in Lawrence.  He told me that any and all Consentino family members are welcomed to visit the school at any time.  So uncle Albert's legacy is alive and well.

 Part V of this series will be about my  husband Anthony Albert Consentino.  Anthony is the grandson of  both Francesco and Vincenzo Consentino.  Come read about the music legacy Anthony is passing on.

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