December 10, 2009

Four LeBlanc Brothers

Some time ago a long lost cousin who found me through my Family Tree Maker site sent me the above photo hoping that I could identify the four people in it.

Actually, they are four LeBlanc brothers.  The fellow to the far right is my uncle Albert LeBlanc.  The other three names are Narcisse, George and Henry but I don't know who is who.

George is my father but of course, I did not know him when he was this young and I didn't know any of my LeBlanc uncles (most unfortunately!).  I do suspect that the young man to the left is my father and that the fellow standing to his right is my uncle Narcisse then uncle Henry.

If anyone can identify this photo please let me know. Their parents were Damien S. LeBlanc and OdilleDoiron.

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Jeanine DeNitto said...

thats an awesome photo. love how your father/uncles are leaning on each other.

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Thank you Jeanine.

It is an awesome photo and I was thrilled to receive it.