December 8, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Vincenzo Consentino

Thus far four parts of "A History of the Consentino Family Musicians" has been posted to this blog.  I am work on Part V.  Meanwhile I thought it would be appropriate to post a photo of the Vincenzo Consentino and his wife Maria Orteleva's tombstone since today is Tombstone Tuesday.

Vincenzo Consentino and Maria Orteleva were the parents of my mother-in-law Maria Grazia Consentino and therefore my husband Anthony's grandparents.

Vincenzo was born in Mistretta, Sicily, Italy in 1856.  He died in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1940 and is buried at Immaculate Conception Cemetery with his wife Maria.  He was 84 years of age.   Maria Ortoleva was born in 1861 in Mistretta and died in Lawrence in 1946 at the age of 82.  They married in Mistretta abt. 1889.

Two of their adult children are buried with them.  One of them Felix who was in Part IV that was posted.

There was another person living with Vincenzo and Maria that is often overlooked perhaps because she never married or had children to memorialize her.  Her name was Lucia and she was Maria Ortoleva's sister.  Lucia never married.  

Lucia Ortoleva was born in Mistretta in 1867 she died in Lawrence in 1943 at the age of 76.  In a recent conversation with  Lucia's great niece (Miriam Consentine/o Baresi) she said she remembers Lucia very well as she used to spend a great deal of time at the home of her grandparents who owned a house on Oak Street in Lawrence.  She said her aunt Lucie was petite and very kind to everyone.

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