December 9, 2010

Childhood Memories at Christmas

In my last post I spoke about how, as a family,  we did not exchange Christmas presents.  Being together meant more than any gifts we might exchange.

By the time I was either 7 or 8 years old, I received my very first Christmas present.  My sister Claudia was ten years older.  She had left high school to go work in the mills as did many children at that time.

The first Christmas she was working she bought me my first doll and carriage that she gave me for Christmas.  As a child I thought it was the prettiest dolly ever.  She even had "hair"!  The carriage was grey with some kind of design on the sides and a canopy that went up and down over the doll's head.  I spent countless hours playing with this doll.  After that Christmas I really don't remember any Christmas presents until I was in high school but again, it didn't matter to us as long as we could all be together.  Whenever I think about it, I find it is amazing that the thought of a present never entered our minds.  In fact, one Christmas I remember my uncle Albert giving my brother Albert a fountain pen for Christmas.  Uncle Al was my brother's godfather.  I remember wondering why he was giving him a present!  Of course, my brother was five  years older than I was so there were many things I didn't understand yet.

Christmas was so simple then and we were focused on the true meaning of Christmas:  the birth of the Christ Child, sharing love with family, wanting to be nowhere but with family.  Now that was Christmas!

My wish for all is that we will once again embrace the true meaning of Christmas.


Your cousin Lucie
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