December 10, 2010

The Wish and Prayer of a Child for Christmas

Each day as December 25th drew closer, I had one big wish - one prayer - that we would have a white Christmas!  At times that was my prayer throughout Midnight Mass.  Some years it would be snowing as we left Midnight Mass; other times we would have had lots of snow prior to Christmas and yet other years, no snow at all - now that was disappointing.

I suppose the idea of what would make Christmas special was likely sparked by the song entitled "White Christmas" sung by Bing Crosby that my sister used to play over and over again on the record player.  My mother loved music and liked to sing so once my sister went to work in the mills, her treat was to purchase records once in a while.  The Decca records were very popular back then and Decca may even have been the largest recorder of famous singers and instrumentalists of the time.  When Decca came out with the White Christmas LP my sister bought it knowing my mother would love it.

Whatever initiated my wish and prayer for a white Christmas, at the time this was important to me. Now today it is likely that I'd wish for no snow until all the family and friends have ended their travels for the holiday season.  Still it is nice to remember the wishes and prayers of childhood... life was much simpler then.

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